Considerations for Mission Leadership in United Nations Peace Operations is a study on the practice of mission leadership and seeks to contribute to a wider understanding of the issues senior mission leadership and management face. It outlines the potentially competing principles that are driven by the many polarities that exist in today’s complex peacekeeping environments.This tool has been developed as a compliment to Considerations.

The first edition of Considerations for Mission Leadership in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations was published in 2010 and since then the peace operations landscape has evolved dramatically. Against this background, the Challenges Forum Partnership agreed that a revised edition of Considerations was both timely and necessary. The aim of the second edition is to contribute to conceptual thinking and a wider understanding of the core functions of multidimensional peace operations. It attempts to bridge strategic and tactical approaches by focusing on the operational level, where all the complex lines of activity leading to success need to be knitted together and integrated into one mission plan. Considerations is used as a reference guide for new practitioners on the principles and concepts underpinning the core functions, as well as the challenges in peace operations.

Challenges Forum has developed this mission leadership digital tool to complement the Considerations study. This will serve as a complementary material in peacekeeping training programmes, and support practitioners in the field. The digital tool is suitable for multiple devices and adaptable to contexts with low or no connectivity. The digital tool is intended to be intuitive and user-friendly with a strong pedagogical focus. It contains interactive online learning activities, including using video/audio media and interactive features. The Challenges Forum’s new Mission Leadership digital tool makes it easier to access and find (and earmark) information, through various means.

Challenges Forum’s Mission Leadership toolkit is a genuine and impressive international team effort, developed by the Challenges Forum Partners and in consultation with the UN Department of Peace Operations (DPO) and Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (DPPA).


From a workshop hosted by Challenges Forum’s South African partner the Institute of Security Studies (ISS) for the Co-Chairs of the Task Forces for the Leadership Toolkit in Pretoria on 6-7 March 2019.