The Challenges Forum is a partnership consisting of partners from all over the world with expertise needed to make a difference.

Challenges Forum is a global partnership of about 50 peace operations organizations and departments in 24 countries, representing government agencies, peacekeeping training centers, think-tanks and research institutions from all around the world. We provide an impartial and informal space for dialogue in which to step away from national positions.

Members come from major troop, police and financial contributing countries, and they include the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council. In addition, the partnership consists of organizations that correspond to key components in multidimensional peacekeeping and political missions. This is to ensure the partnership reflects the wide spectrum of peace operations, which makes the Challenges Forum a significant player in the global efforts to develop peace operations.

The partners represent collective expertise on subjects like leadership, international relations, political affairs, security and justice reform, development, conflict resolution, concept and doctrine development in addition to military operations and policing.